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Our Life in Bristol Bay

β€œTo truly understand this place, the waters of our streams must be explored deeply. The Bristol Bay salmon fishery continues strong and stands as a reminder to the world that the loss of the great historic fisheries of the world has also led to a great loss of culture. The Bristol Bay salmon fishery is the last of its kind and the story of its people must be told. 

These Salmon People have been living on the banks of our rivers and lakeshores for over 10,000 years and their tales about fish are as big as our salmon returns. Our land has been a melting pot of culture for thousands of years and exchanges of knowledge by various cultures are clearly evidenced in archeological sites throughout our diverse region. This tradition of learning and diversity continues on today.

Our Life in Bristol Bay is an exploration of the rich lives that are still lived today in the home grounds of the greatest fishery in the world.”